Theresa C. - Taylorsville, UT

"I couldn't wait to tell you how amazing you are and how thankful we are to have had you at princess Trinity's birthday party today!!! !!! You are truly magical and an unbelievable person inside and out!!!!! You make so many little girls dreams come true and inspire them beyond!!!!! You truly are gifted and we are blessed to be able to enjoy such beautiful talent!!!!! We hope all your dreams and wishes come true...... until next time....


The C. Family"

 Hollie W. - South Jordan, UT
"It is with great pleasure that I personally recommend Princess Amerah for your child's party.   I cannot express what a sweet person she is.   I have been to Disneyland several times and absolutely none of the characters there compare to the talent and natural affinity she has for children.
The Princess took gentle command of twenty, 4-5 year olds for over an hour without losing a single one of them, they were enthralled and entertained, and it was a magical time for all of them.
She has a beautiful voice and to hear her sing was a joy. My daughter was literally shaking with excitement and still has not stopped talking about her special birthday and how she screamed when the Princess knocked on the door.  If you want to give your little girl a party she will remember the rest of her life, this is the Princess you need to contact, she makes the magic happen!  (And not to mention what a small price for a big investment in your daughter's childhood memories!!)"
Leslie A. – Owner of SimplyUT.com
“The princess from Magic Princess Parties is a true princess.  She should exist in the world of Disney. Yes, when you meet her, you will think that she came straight from the Happiest Place on Earth. How do you meet this princess, you ask? Well let me tell you!
My 3 year old recently attended a princess birthday party where a Princess from Magic Princess Parties came.  Seriously, I could have stayed and watched the entire party.  She taught the girls how to dance like a princess, how to sing like a princess, and how to play games like a princess. No kidding, she talked like a princess and acted exactly how a princess should act.
I was mesmerized, so you can only imagine how much a group of 3 and 4 year old little girls dressed as their favorite princesses were feeling. The birthday girl even had tears running down her cheeks when it came time for the princess to leave.  For a moment, these little girls were experiencing what they knew as true joy and happiness. Their smiles said it all!”

Abby with Princess Amerah
Dara E. – South Jordan, UT
There are no words I can even think of to say THANK YOU for the party you did for Madison tonight.  As a mother I always dream of seeing pure joy in my daughters eyes and here and there I thought I saw glimpses of it, but it was not until tonight, seeing her with you, dancing, hugging, listening and singing with you, that I saw it…I mean really truly saw JOY, ELATION, pure happiness in her eyes.  As a mother, I can’t thank you for giving that level of happiness to my daughter on her special day.  She will remember this day for a lifetime.
As long as princess are in the hearts of my little girls you will be here for every birthday until they outgrow it.  You have a gift to do what you do and bring so much happiness and joy.  I can’t wait for my youngest daughter to have you at her birthday party and to have you back again for Madison’s next birthday.  You are wonderful…
From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU!
Princess Amerah at a Royal Library Event
Allison F. – Utah
“My girls just ADORE you!! They love you so much that they want to go see you AGAIN (3rd time).. so we are going to see you at the West Jordan library next week!
Oh yeah.. and I wanted to tell you, my little Abby (the older one), she always says “may I be excused” now at the dinner table. She says that you taught her that.. haha.. I think it is SO cute. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE what you do and I think it is so great for the little girls (and boys) to have a role model like you.
Princess Amerah at a Royal Library Event
Allison F. – Utah
Princess Amerah.. you are SO completely awesome!! I just wanted to share how much my girls love you, and how you are a wonderful example to them and someone I am VERY happy they look up to!!
I just had to tell you something funny… Yesterday my little 2 year old was playing dress up and she came out in a cute dress and I asked what she was doing and she said that she was being “Princess Amerah”.. SO adorable and I wanted to let you know that!! No more pretending to be Cinderella or something…it is Amerah now and my 4 year old says that her prince charming is Prince Donnelly.
Your biggest fans mommy,
Allison :)
P.S. BTW.. I think you are truly amazing that you would even remember that I told you when my daughters bday was, that really shows me how much your fans really mean to you!”
Princess Amerah at a Princess Birthday PartyA *Princess Amerah Cake* at a *Princess Birthday Party*
Jen W. – South Jordan, Utah
THANK YOU SO MUCH for Lilly’s party! She had the best time and many of the other moms have asked for your card for their daughters. Even my husband said that the party “rocked”. You were so good with the kids! I couldn’t beleive how you held their attention even some of the older kids who said that princessess were dumb came up and told me that they loved Princess Amerah. Now when Lilly plays pretend she plays Princess Amerah. THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Princess Amerah - Princess Birthday Party
Karen F. – Spanish Fork, UT
I do not know how to thank you enough for the wonderful party and entertainment you gave my birthday girls… I am truly impressed with you as a performer and haven’t stopped talking about you to everyone we come in contact with about the princess party…
If I had not signed up to win from todaysgiveaway.net – I wouldn’t have had the amazing opportunity of meeting you and spreading your talent to my many friends and family…. Thank You so much!!!!
I seriously am considering asking you to come back this month and entertaining more of my girls’ friends by having a 2nd Princess party with Princess Amerah…

Thanks again

Wendy T. – Murray, UT
“I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to Kassie’s Princess Party. You were amazing! I know the kids had so much fun, and it’s all I’ve heard about since then. Just tonight in the car she told me, “Mom, do you think fairytales really do come true?” And I said, “I don’t know, what do you think?” She said, “Mom, I know they do. I got to meet a real princess!”

I know that it will definately be a party she will never forget! The other moms at the party said they were going to have to do one now too! You were so great with the kids, and always remained in character. And your voice was amazing!
I can’t wait to use you in another couple years when my youngest gets a little older. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do! You are creating wonderful memories for these girls that they will never forget! =) Keep up the good work.”
Christina H. – Utah
“We just want to thank you so much for the amazing job you did at my daughter’s 5th birthday party!! It was so fantastic to see all the girls faces light up when the door opened and they saw you standing there! And they had so much fun with your wonderful games and activities! In fact, they are still talking about how much fun they had and how amazing it was to meet you!
Your mannerisms, voice and beauty encompass everything a princess is! All the girls knew they were meeting a real Princess!! My daughter will remember this for the rest of her life – I can’t thank you enough!!!
You are wonderful at what you do! I will highly recommend you to my friends that want to make their little girl’s/boy’s parties extra special too!
Thank you so very much!!!”
Carli W.
“We saw you at the safe kids fair today and my daughter is in love with you! SHe carried around your little business card all day today to see your picture and even fell asleep with it! When she gets older, we hope you are still around to do parties. Did I mention she is only 18 months old? I asked her “where is your princess?” and she picked up your card and kissed it!”
Amy W. – Riverton, UT
Thank you so… much!!!  You made Leah’s princess party perfect!  You were so sweet and wonderful with the kids!  Everyone loved you – the adults even as much as the kids.  I asked Leah what her favorite part was and she said your lips – I think she loved your lipstick!  Thanks again – you were perfect!
With love, Amy.
Heather C. – Owner of Swanky Paper, California
“I have been following your videos (or should I say stalking! hee hee) and I am excited for the direction you are going. You are darling and Princess Amerah is so Magical! Congratulations on your success thus far.”
Meagan P. – South Jordan, UT
“Party planning can be stressful and that’s exactly why I hired you. You did such a good job and I was able to just sit back, take pictures and watch everyone’s excitement. Emma and all of the girls adored you and we were very impressed that you stayed in character the entire time. Thank you, and I will be bringing your cards with me to work and hand out to other parents.
Janette S. – Development Director Neighborhood House SLC, UT
“Thank you so much for adding so much to our event on June 18th. You wouldn’t believe how many people commented on how much they liked “the princess”. And a lot have asked for your contact information so hopefully your generosity in donating your time to us will bring you some business. I will most likely be booking a party soon too! Thank you again and we hope to have you back next year!”
Evelin T. – Saratoga Springs, UT
“Thank you so much for being at our daughter’s 4th birthday party. She loved it so much and is still talking about it months later! You did such an amazing job, you make a perfect princess and even your natural voice sounds like a princess! I love that you study each princess and her mannerisms and on top of that you have a beautiful singing voice.
I especially enjoyed not having to worry about entertaining all 15 princesses, they just listened and did everything you said! The party was a HUGE success and the talk of the neighborhood for weeks to come. All the princesses were in awe as well as the adults. :) Thank you so much, we will definitely be hiring you again!”
Laura T. – Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Utah
“Thank you for attending the ‘Bowl for Kids’ Sake’ fundraiser! All of our kids loved seeing you there, and you did an awesome job! Thank you for all your support!
Looking forward to next year!”
Julie R. – Lehi, UT
“Thank you for coming and doing an awesome job. YOU made the party so easy and stress free. My daughters and her friends loved everything about you and every activity that you did. I was worried since I had girls ranging from 2-10, but you pulled it off with flying colors.
Thank you.”
Erin S. – Lehi, UT
“We just wanted to thank you for making our daughters birthday a very special day. The girls loving have a such an amazing and “real” princess at the party. They loved hearing you sing, teaching songs and etiquette, and dancing. It was so much fun that my daughter has yet to stop talking about it. She keeps asking when her birthday will be again so she can have a princess for her next party. We look forward to using you again.
Thanks again.”
Kimberly B. – Kentucky
“You are amazing and so talented. I am sharing your site with everyone I know. My niece loves you so much and wants to know if you will come to Florida for her birthday party!!!”
Sunny – Cottonwood Heights, UT
“I wanted to thank you again for coming to my daughter’s 4th Birthday! You did such an amazing job! All the mom’s have asked for your informations since then. Your voice is so beautiful and just watching my daughters eyes while she stared at you made my day! Thanks again~ I hope to have you again next year or see you at my friends’ kids parties!”
Tiffany E. – West Valley, UT
“Your the sweetest person!! what a fun thing you do!! you are so great with the kids (and the adults too)!! your an amazing performer!!”
Cagney S. – Director of Marketing, Hogle Zoo
“Thank you for coming to Dream Night. It was great to have you there, and I know you made a lot of the little girl’s nights. I hope it was a great experience for you as well. We would love to have you back next year if you are available.
Thanks again for being a part of Dream Night.”
Kelly Anderson – Owner of Startup Princess
“…Justine is on her way to creating a very successful business and has the talent and ability to generate a large celebrity-like following…Dream big Justine, when you have influence you can give more to the world…we all love you and are cheering you on!! xo”
Camille H.
“Thank you so much for coming to Elizabeth’s party. She loved it! I thought you did a wonderful job. I really liked how you stayed in character the entire time. Elizabeth enjoyed siniging and dancing best of all. Thanks again I will definately recommend you to other people.”
Helen T. – Clear Channel Radio
“Thank you for being part of the Safe Kids Fair! You were very popular at the event! :)
Thanks again!”